Get Your Farm Fresh Seasonal Box of Fruit/Vegetables Straight From The Farmers Field.

Help yourself, families in need, and our farmers.  It's as simple as 1 2 3. 

1.  Select a box for your family and/or a box for donation by clicking on "Buy Farm Food" at the top of the page.  

2.  During checkout, select your pickup location and date (a new pickup location is available at Solid Rock Community School in Tarpon Springs).

3.  Come to the location at the date and time selected to pick  up your order.

When you come to pick up your order:

Social distancing guidelines will be enforced.  

1.  When you arrive, PLEASE HAVE YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION NUMBER READY TO SHOW US.  You don't have to print it if we can view it on your phone.  (Check your spam folder if you don't see it.) 

2.  Pop your trunk or we'll open your door and set the box(s) inside.  (There should be no need to exit your vehicle.)

3.  Drive away with a smile.  :-)

If you like this program, please consider posting about it on your facebook page or other social media to help us get the word out! Thanks!

If you forget to pick up your box, don't worry, it's donated.  :-)


As of right now, we have about 12 thousand pounds (6 tons) of fresh fruit and vegetables that has been donated to families in need.  What a blessing.  Our goal is 10 tons for May.  That's enough fruit and vegetables for about 80,000 servings.  Thank you to everyone that is lending a helping hand.

Why are we selling the food?

People have asked us, if farmers are dumping food, why are we selling it instead of just giving it away?  Good question right?  Well, the answer is that our farmers need help too.  Purchasing a 20lb box of food helps them create a little cash flow.  It also enables you, the consumer, to save money on wonderful fresh locally grown produce.  And if you can possibly purchase a box to be donated, it helps our families in need.  

So, I hope that explains the program, and THANK YOU for participating!

If you would like to support this effort, in addition to getting and/or donating the food, please consider posting about it on your facebook page or other social media to help us get the word out!  Thanks.


SPECIAL THANKS FOR MAKING THIS SERVICE POSSIBLE GO OUT TO:  Sean Daly at ABC Action News for the special on his "Good News" segment.  Ann Kelly, Morning Show Host on The Dove Radio Station 105.5 and on her blog at Ann Kelly's Quarantine Kitchen (here is a link to the blog   Kathy Saunders from the Tampa Bay Times for the great article.  (Click here to view it).  Carol Hoffman and her Merry Band of Marketeers.  Chris Oneal and Chris Denmark at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Cindi Heinz at UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program, Brandon Meyer ( at Penske Truck Rental, Carlos Hernandez at Imperial Wholesale Banners, Jeff at PennRose Farms, and the food banks themselves.  Mimi Cuevas at Higher Hope Intl Ministries, Walter Anderson at the Feast Food Pantry, Margo Adams-Reid at High Point Neighborhood Center, and other distribution locations that are providing places to pick up the boxes.