Fresh Food For You. 11/08/2020

Thanks for helping yourself and others by purchasing and donating fresh food through

We have received such incredibly good feedback about the new three box choices.  Thank you for letting us know what you think.  

Monday morning I can’t wait to go and see what I can find to bring you for the week.  The fall season is in full swing, and Florida harvesting is starting to come alive.  I’ll have a fun time deciding what to include.

I’m also thinking about the holiday season coming up, and what I can do to provide some special items for your meals with friends and family.  I feel very lucky to participate in the treasured moments of so many people.  

Please remember to help others and donate if you can.  This is the season of abundance, and sharing fresh food with other families is a gift of life and a gift worth giving.  If you can sign up for a once a month donation of a $15 box, it would really help.  🙂

See you at pick-up!

Live, Love, Laugh, and Eat!

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