Donation Support. 09/12/20


Thank you for continuing to support our local food banks and  During the 1st week of September we had just over 1,000 lbs. of food donated.  THANK YOU!  One reason I was so excited about the new website was the ability for you to be able to make a recurring donation order.

With recurring donation orders you can choose to donate as little as $15 a month, or up to any amount you choose.  To donate $15 a month, order a singles/couple box that recurs once a month.  To donate $30 a month, choose a $15 box bi-weekly.  Or you can donate $25 a month by ordering a family box monthly.  Get the idea???  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Remember also that all recurring orders, whether for donation or for pickup can be paused, or cancelled at any time.  So come on!  Make a donation that fits your budget and helps families that need the help.

To encourage you a bit, if you make a recurring donation order this week, I’m going to give you double the amount of dates you would normally get when you come and pick up your own order.  YEA!  What a great idea right?  Let’s make it happen.  Let’s shoot for $2000 in total donations this week.  We can do it!

Not everyone can donate however, and I realize that.  I want everyone that orders from to know that ordering for yourself, and your own family, contributes to helping families that are in need.  How?  Because if you didn’t order for yourself, we wouldn’t exist, and then none of the help and donating that goes on would be happening.  So thank you for ordering for yourself, and being part of this program where everyone wins!

Our customer service is available to help if you have trouble making your order on the website.  Call us at (727) 469-3448, and we’ll help you set up your password, make your order, and get you going!

Live, Love, Laugh… & Eat!

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