Thank You For Your Feedback! 09/28/20

Thank you for your feedback with the survey and on the proposed boxes.
If you didn’t do the survey yet, here’s a link.

Click here to do the survey.

On the proposed boxes, about 80% liked the idea of three boxes all priced at $15.  One with all fruit, one with all vegetables, and one mixed.  The mixed box will be very similar to the singles/couples box offered now.  The mixed box will contain items that are most popular, while the other two will venture off-the-beaten-path with items such as eggplant or beats, or other items that are generally purchased less often.

I plan on implementing this new box in a couple weeks.  When we do it, we will email or call every person that has a family box on a recurring order to find out what you want to change to.  It can be just one $15 box as described above, or any combination.  You will be able to mix and match frequencies… such as getting one veg box and one fruit box together every other week, and on the other weeks a mixed box.  Or any other combination you find works for you.  If you get two boxes one week and one box the next on recurring orders, you will end up paying $22.50 a week or about the same as the family box.  Or you can get two each week in any combination and that would be $30 a week.

The idea is to better provide you with what you like, on a frequency you like.  If you didn’t have a chance to comment earlier, please let us know what you think about this idea.

We are going to open the pick up location in Tarpon at the Solid Rock Community School toward the end of October.  We will announce it on Facebook and in an email a couple weeks in advance.  Sorry it’s taking so long, we’re working on it.

This is this weeks scheduled box contents.  It should contain some new items:  grapefruit, spinach, radishes, cantaloupe, peaches, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, sun kissed peppers, cucumbers, red onions, gala apples, and bubble gum plums.


Have a great week!  Look forward to seeing you at pickup!


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