What Is Buy Farm Food . Com ? 10/05/20

What is BuyFarmFood.com?
Thank you for responding to the survey last week.  With over 5000 customers, and over 500 responses to our survey, it made me realize I should revisit what the purpose of BuyFarmFood.com is.

I was let go from my job in March because of Covid, and in April, decided I would find a way to help our Florida farmers and people that were struggling to put food on their table.  I won’t get into how it all happened, but the food box program became the answer. 

That is still my driving focus.  Help our farmers move their producehelp families that need assistance, and provide the best quality local harvested fruit and vegetables to those that have the ability to take care of themselves, and their families.  

Mainly because of the help I received from:  Sean Daly at ABC Action News for the special on his “Good News” segmentKathy Saunders from the Tampa Bay Times, and Ann Kelly on 105.5, the program took off.  So between all of you buying and donating boxes, all my helpers, and many others countless people that helped, we have now donated over 50,000 pounds of food to local families in need, and made a significant powerful positive difference in our neighborhoods and communities. 

Please don’t forget to purchase donations.  Perhaps you can consider doing a recurring order for a $15 dollar donation once a month, or even more frequently.  Whatever you can do, we appreciate it. 

Thank you to you, and everyone that has had a part in our success.

Back to the survey…  Since there was a question that you could fill in your answer, it’s going to take me a bit more time to figure out what it all means.  I’ll do a complete report on the survey soon, and provide my conclusions as well.  

I am searching for the best way to provide what you want, in a way we can deliver it.  Because of the volume, and our low price, there is no way we can customize boxes for you, although we’d love to.  One thing for sure, we are always going to try and provide as many locally harvested seasonal items as we can.  If that item happens to be something you don’t like, I’m very sorry, but perhaps you can give it to a friend or neighbor.  If that happens, we hope that the incredible value we provide, still makes the box economical for you. 

We are experiencing a crisis with leafy greens in the country at the moment.  The price for Romaine, and the other choices is crazy high.  I was able to provide spinach this last week for most of you.  I’ve wanted to have spinach for a while so it all worked out.  If you got lettuce instead, sorry if it wasn’t the best, but I did what I could. 

Ahh… the weather.  Because fall has come early, our Florida harvesting season should start early!  Yea! Yea!  I’ve already seen the trickle from our local farmers.  We have had a couple items from Florida lately, but we should be able to get more items locally soon.  Thanks for hanging in there while we had to expand our sources to other states and farmers across the country.  I’ll be doing more source videos on Facebook.  If you don’t follow us on Facebook, you’re missing it.  The address for the Facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/FromFloridaFarms/  Just click it to visit and please “like” our page!

Thanks for reading these emails every week and supporting BuyFarmFood.com.  We are doing our best to make things better for all our stakeholders.  Farmers, families in need, customers, helpers, and myself as the steward of it.
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