Thank You Yes! Thank You! Thank You!

Screen shot from first ABC Action News Special on BuyFarmFood.comHello! has been selected by ABC Action News as one of the top ten “good news” stories for 2020. 

Sean Daly did a special on last April, and you, our incredible, generous, loving customers responded with a year that has truly been inspiring.  Together, we donated over 44 tons of food.   That’s over 300,000 servings of fresh wonderful nutritious fruit and vegetables to those in our community that need it most!

Yes! Yes! Yes! 

When I created this project, I had no idea of what it would become.  And it is all thanks to you for participating and making it come to life.  I know not all of you can donate. When you continue to buy the food we provide, you allow the company to exist and you allow the donations to exist.  So thank you for donating when you can, and thank you for supporting with your personal purchases.

Sean Daly and I shot part of the Christmas Special this week, and it will air on Christmas Day.  I don’t know when yet, but I’ll let you know so you can catch it if you can.

Florida harvesting is really coming to life now, and last week we had oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and corn all from Florida.  We’ll see what additional items I can find for us this week.  Perhaps we can add Florida potatoes, grapefruit, onions, or zucchini. Cucumbers, yellow squash, or cantaloupes. Maybe even mangoes to the various boxes. 

Enjoy the beautiful weekend, and see you at pickup!

Live, Love, Laugh, and Eat!

Jim ?


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