Hello BuyFarmFood.com Friends! START 2021 OFF WITH A COMMITTMENT TO YOUR HEALTH! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! YEA!!! Your future will be what you make it! 
Make a commitment in 2021 to eat healthier. 
Without question – the best investment you will ever make is your health.  Eating fresh fruit and vegetables can reduce chronic inflammation which can lead to various diseases, keep your immune system strong, enable you to exercise, keep the weight off (which drastically reduces risks for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, etc.) and more.
There is every reason to do it.  Show yourself and/or your family that you matter. You love yourself, and you are going to make it happen.  I know… sometimes you’ll end up throwing out the peppers, or something else, or you get something in a box you don’t like, or you can’t eat. 


Start your 2021 health commitment today! Get more fresh nutritious delicious food in your fridge and on your table.  YES!  YOU CAN DO IT.  DO IT NOW!  DO IT IN 2021.  Yes! Yes! Yes!

We’ll help you!  Starting today for the next four days, until Tuesday the 5th, all new  Recurring Pre-Orders For You” will be $14 for any box.  If you have one currently, we are going to email you a code so when your current one expires, you can get your next recurring order for $14 a box as well.

While you’re on the roll, make a once-a-month recurring order for donation.  $15 dollars a month is only fifty cents a day.  Don’t worry, if you get in a financial bind you can cancel it.  Our responsibilities to create good mental, physical, and emotional health start with ourselves, then to our family, and then to our community. 

Thank you again for all your support and participation in 2020!  Together we donated about 45 tons of food to our local food banks!

Live, Love, Laugh, & Eat



2021 a commitment to your health.
Order and/or Donate Now!

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