About Us

About Us

We are a farm to table co-op that help connects farmers to communities and delivers seasonal farm fresh fruit & veggies to different pick up locations. Boxes can be bought for a family or donated to families in need throughout our community.

Our story

With the current pandemic still affecting the daily lives of every American, some underlying issues that were not readily apparent were laid bare. This was made clearly evident by restaurant closings affecting the flow of fresh produce from farms. The farms were now left with more food than they could distribute since so much of their product was going to now-closed restaurants. Many farmers were faced with little choice than to plow under perfectly good produce because they had nowhere to take it. On the other hand hunger still affects 37 million people in America along, including 11 million children. Something had to be done.

Jim Bardwell saw this problem as many others did and decided to do something about it. Using his skills as a former grocer along with help from people around Pinellas and Hillsborough County he started picking up boxes of produce from farms in Wimauma and distributing them to locations across the Bay Area .

“The concept is if I can help farmers, families that can afford a box, and families in need at the same time, then bang, it’s a win-win,”

When the initial site launched there were 600 lbs of produce ordered within two days. To date Buy Farm Food has been able to provide over 75 tons of fresh produce around the Tampa Bay Area, including 13 tons of donated produce for hungry citizens and neighbors.

To date interest has far exceeded expectations and Buy Farm Food needs help keeping everything afloat. If you can help in any capacity, please reach out to us at support@buyfarmfood.com