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Making donations to families that need help is the reason BuyFarmFood.com exists. Last year we donated over 44 tons of food to our local food banks. This year our goal is 100 tons. Please consider donating a box, or making a recurring donation for a box. You can have it recur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. If you choose monthly, it’s only $15 a month to make a difference in our community. Thank you!

2/10/21Palm Lake Christian Church15
2/15/21High Point Community Center58
2/16/21Feast Food Pantry53
2/17/221Palm Lake Christian Church13
2/22/21High Point Community Center46
2/23/21feast Food Pantry38
2/24/21Palm Lake Christian Church13
2/25/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel15 3 donated from customers 12 from BFF
3/1/21High Point Community Center51
3/2/21feast Food Pantry55
3/3/21Palm Lake Christian Church23
3/4/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel15 2 donated from customers 13 from BFF
3/8/21High Point Community Center51
3/9/21feast Food Pantry55
3/10/21Palm Lake Christian Church11
3/11/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel12 2 donated from customers 10 from BFF
3/15/21High Point Community Center51
3/16/21feast Food Pantry55
3/17/21Palm Lake Christian Church9
3/18/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel10 2 donated from customers 8 from BFF
3/22/21High Point Community Center51
3/23/21feast Food Pantry42
3/24/21Palm Lake Christian Church21
3/25/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel41 donated from customers 3 from BFF
3/29/21High Point Community Center44
3/30/21feast Food Pantry40
3/31/21Palm Lake Christian Church11
4/1/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel122 donated from customers 10 from BFF
4/5/21High Point Community Center48
4/6/21feast Food Pantry28
4/7/21Palm Lake Christian Church23
4/8/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel4
4/12/21High Point Community Center47
4/13/21feast Food Pantry52
4/14/21Palm Lake Christian Church20
4/15/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel153 donated from customers 12 from BFF
4/19/21High Point Community Center51
4/20/21feast Food Pantry28
4/21/21Palm Lake Christian Church9
4/22/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel63 donated from customers 3 from BFF
4/26/21High Point Community Center51
4/27/21feast Food Pantry38
4/28/21Palm Lake Christian Church4
4/29/21AdventHealth Wesley Chapel62 donated from customers 4 from BFF
5/3/21High Point Community Center45
5/4/21Feast Food Pantry30
5/5/21Palm Lake Christian Church13
5/10/21High Point Community Center50
5/11/21Feast Food Pantry37
5/12/21Palm Lake Christian Church147 donated from customers 7 from BFF
5/17/21High Point Community Center50
5/18/21Feast Food Pantry44
5/19/21Palm Lake Christian Church12
5/24/21High Point Community Center47
5/25/21Feast Food Pantry36
5/26/21Palm Lake Christian Church166 donated from customers 10 from BFF
5/31/21High Point Community Center0Closed for holiday
6/1/21Feast Food Pantry24
6/2/21Palm Lake Christian Church12
6/7/21High Point Community Center61
6/8/21Feast Food Pantry47
6/9/21Palm Lake Christian Church11
6/14/21High Point Community Center60
6/15/21Feast Food Pantry34
6/16/21Palm Lake Christian Church1210 donated from customers 2 from BFF
6/21/21High Point Community Center63
6/22/21Feast Food Pantry30
6/23/21Palm Lake Christian Church126 donated from customers 6 from BFF
6/28/21High Point Community Center58
6/29/21Feast Food Pantry29
6/30/21Palm Lake Christian Church12
7/5/21High Point Community Center0Closed for holiday
7/6/21Feast Food Pantry25
7/7/21Palm Lake Christian Church119 donated from customers 2 from bff
7/12/21High Point Community Center112Because we were closed last week, today is two weeks of donations on the same day
7/13/21Feast Food Pantry34
7/14/21Palm Lake Christian Church1812 from customers 6 from BFF
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