Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I forget, or can't come to pick up my box? 
If you forget to pick up your box, it is donated.  If that's not ok, just come the next week, and we'll give it to you.  :-)
1.  Why should I participate in this program?
  • You can go to the grocery store only when you need shelf stable items, and other non-perishable goods mostly.  While strictly adhering to the stay-at-home guidelines, I realized my diet didn't have the normal amount of fruit and vegetables.  Now you can get fresh food without entering large stores.
  • We are setting up a whole new LOCAL food distribution channel.  Buyfarmfood.com will ALWAYS try and source the produce from Florida if possible, and from our farms close to you especially.  In an effort to provide a variety however, we may source from outside Florida.  If we do it, it be from surrounding states first, in widening circles if necessary.  If the produce if from outside the US, we probably won't offer it.  If we do, we will note it where you will see it.
  • The food will be fresher because there is no distribution channel for it go through.  The food will go from the farm, to our truck, to the pickup location, and into your car.  Awesome!!!
  • Less waste.  There is literally tons and tons of produce that goes to waste in the traditional food distribution chain.  A store never really knows how many tomatoes or watermelon to buy.  They have left over produce every day that mostly gets thrown away.  With this program, since you order in advance, THERE IS NO WASTE!  Every ear  of corn, every head of cabbage, every pound of produce that we get goes immediately to a family to eat.  Love it!!!
  • When you give a box to needy families, you're getting an opportunity to make a difference immediately and locally.  Right now, right here.  There's no politics, there's no disputing if this charity or that charity is doing a good job.  You are simply giving wonderful fresh food and a healthier life to others who need a helping hand.  If you can do this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

2.  Do I have to buy a box for myself, or can I just donate boxes? 

You can just donate boxes.  If you only donated boxes, there is no need to show up and provide any proof of purchase during the pickup period.  It will automatically be donated.

3.  Is there anything I can do to help other than donate boxes?  

Yes.  You can post on social media about the program, and let your friends and neighbors know.

4.  Where do I select my pickup location? 

In the shopping cart.

5.  What if something happens and I can't get to the pickup location on time. 

If you let us know at least the day before, (use the "Contact Us" in the menu at the top of the page) we can work it out with you to either have it for you the next week, or you can get it at another location on another day perhaps.

6.  How do I know that food I'm donating to the foodbank actually gets delivered?

Every day the foodbank will provide a receipt of how many boxes were donated.  Each month we will provide proof to the participating foodbanks that the number of boxes purchased as a donation equals the number of boxes the foodbank has received.  And, in the interest of exceeding expectations, our goal will always be to have more than 20lb of food in each box!  

7.  Pickup will be as scheduled rain or shine.  If there is some reason it's not going to, we'll post on twitter and on facebook.

8.  Is there a farm around here somewhere I can go to and get a box of produce?

Yes.  It's called PennRose Farms.  It's located at:  707 West Lake Dr, Wimauma, FL 33598 The box you receive there however, won't be like the box we provide at buyfarmfood.com.  We are using many farms at this time to fill our boxes.

9.  Is the produce organic?  

No.  It is commercially grown.

10.  Can I have someone else pickup my order?  

Yes.  Print your order confirmation and give it to that person, or forward the confirmation email to them, so they can show it to us on the phone.  Having several orders picked up by one vehicle helps us because it lowers the number of cars coming to the pickup location.  Thanks for pooling the pickups.  :-)

11.  Does the contents of the bag change throughout the pickup day?
One of my biggest challenges is knowing how much to buy in the morning. I never really know how many potatoes are in the box, or peppers, or peaches or whatever.
A good example is from the other day. I got us some peaches, and when we started bagging them I realized they were ripe, juicy, and delicious, but as I got down in the boxes, some were not good, and I couldn't use them. So I said, OMG, we have to put less peaches than I want because many will not be good. So we were scrimpy with the peaches.
Then as the morning went on, I realized that actually most of the peaches were good. So we increased them again. LOL So the peach contents went on a roller coaster.
So if sometimes you seem to have lots of something and not so much of something else, that could be the reason.
The good news is that I'm getting better and better at looking at a box, bushel, or some other container, and guessing how many are in it. ;-) but it is a real guessing game. Sometimes I actually count how many of something are in a container.


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