Family Size Fresh Fruit Box
Family Size Fresh Fruit Box
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D. Family Box Recurring Bi-Weekly Pick-Up Service

$25.00 every 2 weeks for 26 weeks

Incredible value, Incredible quality.

Similar to a traditional farmers co-op, we offer a Family or Sharing size box that varies from week to week with nothing but the best quality fruits and vegetables.  A “Florida First” focus that delivers seasonal “Farm Fresh” vegetables to your home week in and week out.  You will not find a deal like this at ANY market.

Cancel any time!

Have peace of mind that you’ll have your fresh produce ready every other week at the location of your choice.

Simply pick the length of your pre-order service and pickup location, then show up at the correct time and you’re set to go!

Can’t make your next pickup? Simply pause and your delivery will carry over to the next pickup date!