A1. Fruit & Nut Gourmet Adventure Mix – BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!


Fruit & Nut Gourmet Adventure Mix


This is my hand made, from fresh harvested, perfectly ripened, & treated with love:

Fruit & Nut Gourmet Adventure Mix

  1. I first soak and wash the items in a vegetable cleaner.
  2. I then carefully rinse in clean fresh water
  3. Then the items are prepped.  That can mean they are cut into pieces, pits removed if necessary, or even the skin is peeled in some cases.
  4. The next step is they are soaked in fresh squeezed lemon juice.
  5. Then they go in the dehydrator.  I use a low temp in the dehydrator and most food takes at least 24 hours, and sometimes up to two days, to remove the moisture.
  6. Then I mix everything, adding some deluxe mixed, roasted, and lightly salted nuts.
  7. The final step is to put the mixture in a bag, add a moisture remover, and vacuum seal the bag.


Yes, it is amazing, if I say so myself.  You’ve probably never had anything quite like it.